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This is the Naper EP. Most of the last school year bottled up into five (technically two) songs.


released August 16, 2011

Tristan Zemtseff: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Vocals, Mixing, Mastering
Austin Ramsey: Vocals, Mastering
Andy Eisen: Vocals
Sonia Pollock: Vocals
Brycen Doby and Chrisbob Prunotto: Gang Vocals

Recorded May-August 2011



all rights reserved


Dead on Both Shoulders Seattle, Washington


It was real.

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Track Name: 122
It feels as though I spend all of my time
It feels as though I spend all of my time waiting

Frozen in place
As if I never learned to move
And all I've ever known is skewed
It's all skewed

This constant vision
Leads me forever into grey skies

Who's to say you'll make a change?

Wayward on the only path I know
And I won't be the one to find myself
But no one is watching
There's no one except for me

These eyes are the world
These lies are my own
I'd tell you, but you'd never know
Track Name: 220
These questions could answer themselves
But I don't have the time
And though I don't have the mind
We can't just let it be

This constant vision
Brings forth only indecision
A lapse in thought
Could last an eternity

Soon it will all come to an end
Soon these open wounds will mend
Soon we will recover
Soon it will all begin again

What I see is only in me
What I see is what I believe

And I can't bear to see
What's become of me

And it all mixes together
It all becomes the same
The image of my ideals
Wrapped around your skin
And we split and start again
Track Name: 112
As we open this door
We can only close our eyes and hope

We can try to cast everything aside
Going through nonsense to let ourselves down
Feed on your own ignorance
Just sit back and enjoy the ride

And for a while, all will go unsaid
We will dim the lights and black out the mind
Grinning blindly into the future

Only digging a deeper hole
Confining myself to my cave
How quickly we descend
Track Name: 219
Ignorance and bliss are no longer paired
And we haven't very much time

What is known, it must be told
For what is told is not always known
What doesn't get said doesn't get heard
The only evil is our own

We only go uphill
This battle only goes uphill
We only go uphill
Lesson learned