Redemption in Deception

by Dead on Both Shoulders

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This is an EP I wrote in 2009 about some kind of subterranean race, their attempt to overthrow humanity, and one among them who feels the time is not right.


released August 14, 2012

Tristan Zemtseff - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Mixing, Mastering
Austin Ramsey - Vocals, Mastering



all rights reserved


Dead on Both Shoulders Seattle, Washington


It was real.

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Track Name: A Call to Arms
From the dawn of man
We have been the ones overlooked

But today is our day
We will overthrow
Yes, today is our day
We'll make them no more

We are seen as inferior
We won't take this any longer

We stand for our dignity

Let's take this day
Now they will pay
Track Name: The Rival Within

As we, the wretches of mankind, conspire,
We meet an internal adversary
He stands alone
Trying to hinder our plans

I know that it is not yet our time
I wish not to witness the fall of our kind
He will fall, he will fail, he will not succeed

This might be taken as betrayal
But my opposition will save us
Track Name: Impelled
We will make him see the error of his ways
He must rejoin us
A divided effort will not do

If we are to obtain victory
There can be no mistakes
It's all or none

Is this the life you want?
Do you like to be spit on?
It's time to draw the line
To see that they've already crossed it

This is the greater good
Rid us of eternal shame
They do not realize
That they will fail regardless

We must go on
Time is no longer with us
If he won't join
Then he must die

This is your last chance
If you remain a traitor
You must accept your fate
Track Name: Initiated
It seems I must deceive
To save myself and my race
I stay my path
But feed them the lie they want to hear

Soon we depart
Soon after, I'll show them what's right
Now our force is complete
It's time to declare war on man

Today is ours
This battle is won
We will pave the path to victory
They stand not a chance at all
This is the end of their domain
This is the dawn of our day

When the sun sets, know that the fallen have not died in vain
And we shall be the ones to decide what comes to pass
Track Name: Closure in Betrayal
Man! Thou shall be vanquished
I hold your pulse in my hands
But our work is not complete
It's time to sever the head

Wait! We are outnumbered, we have to turn back!
No! We must not falter now
We must proceed

It's surrender or defeat
It's all or none

Traitor! Betrayal!
He's turned his path again
Our forces have diminished
We must retreat

I force them back into perdition
And there we will remain
Until it is truly our day

We will emerge again
We will reign