The Grass Is Greener

by Dead on Both Shoulders

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Four songs from my instrumental debut album "The Beginning of the Beginning" but arranged for acoustic guitar and no longer instrumental.


released July 13, 2014

Tristan Zemtseff - guitar, vocals, composition, production, mixing, mastering



all rights reserved


Dead on Both Shoulders Seattle, Washington


It was real.

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Track Name: Dissidence
there comes a time when we all
must abandon our beginnings

there's only so far to go on this road before
we pave it and dirt turns to concrete
you turn from dirt to grass

though it might be greener on the other side
when we crash you'll be the one to burn

but we can put it all back together
we can't put it together

though it might be greener on the other side
when we crash you'll be the one to burn

i could never bring myself to say it
i still don't want to
but i've been done believing
there's nothing to salvage here
Track Name: Gossamer
step right up, it's never-ending
we'll deliver it to your door
the simple pleasures you don't know you're missing
the gems that you've been looking for

surely we will fade into being ignored
but you'll keep us around
we won't take it personally

and when people ask questions
we know you'll be tempted to lie
when you decide not to plead the fifth
we'll still be right here by your side
Track Name: Mestazeff
it's fun to run from old names
invent new games
decide who deserves to be saved
who will remain

those forgotten, those discarded, shoveled away
never to be heard from again

"a rose by any other name"
some wild, some tame
pulled quickly, no one left to blame

we will be replaced
born into the grave, we're running all the same
few will stay
rare is it that we cross the bridge into the void
Track Name: Lying On Her Head
the worst part is
you're not the only one

what's the point if it's not exclusive
if it goes nowhere
if it's not right
if it's not fun

who am i - the persuader
the crook
the ethos, the pathos, the logos
the worst man alive

this isn't to say that i'm sorry
but maybe you should have known
i didn't want to have to say it again

no matter how far we run
no matter how much we think we know
how much we think we've changed
there's always more

what started as a game
has reached its last frame
and no one's left to play

if only i had said less than what i've done