Walking Into the Wind

by Dead on Both Shoulders

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Part one of a two-album-long series, this record is the release of a variety of feelings and circumstances. Fear, doubt, self-loathing, friendships and relationships going sour; from an in-the-moment perspective (save for the opener, "With Your Help," which serves as the protagonist's mental recollection of the events, inviting himself to jump back in).

This album was originally released on 29 January 2013, but with updated production and redone vocals, has been re-released on 27 December 2013.


released December 27, 2013

Tristan Zemtseff - lead and rhythm guitars, bass, drums, engineering, mixing, mastering, composition, lyrics, artwork
John Henry Levin - additional composition
Austin Ramsey - additional engineering and production



all rights reserved


Dead on Both Shoulders Seattle, Washington


It was real.

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Track Name: With Your Help
I set afoot inside this maze
This life within itself unreal
I can hardly believe my eyes
At the chaos I see in this place

I will take myself down
With your help, I will plunge

I am the one who watches
But who is the one who sees?
Am I blind to what's around me?
Or am I blind within myself?

These fire-resistant bridges
Burning holes inside my brain
Collapsing over all that could have been
And now I am led astray
Will I ever reclaim myself?
Let's uncover what might be concealed
Track Name: The Right Choice
Seems like eons ago
The purely incidental crossing of our paths
Oh, how we've come from there
In stride, tongue tied, do we dare?

Stop and think - is this what you want?
Shall we weigh the options, give it some more thought?

Of course, this is the right choice
No wrong to be found here
It just takes a little time
On a spiral staircase

Is this merely a world of black and white?
Is it too late to be stumbling through the details?

And yet, here we are, again behind the bars of indecision
We now have to recalculate
In stride, tongue tied, do we dare?

Of course, this is the better choice
What were you thinking?
We all have our lapses, just sleep knowing you got it right this time
Track Name: Always Living, Never Awake
Uphill both ways only goes so far
Gravity will have its time
And what a time it will be
When you can no longer skate around it

Denial - A necessary evil
All's well that ends well
And for the rocky middle?
Pray there's no fork in the road

Don't thnk and don't choose
Don't act or emote

Lend yourself a cold shoulder
So that you might have two
Your threshold is limitless
As is your capacity to ignore

Always living, never awake
Do not think, do not act
Ignorance is the absence of fear
But it just takes one piece of the puzzle
To slaughter what had been bliss

Who will open your eyes?
Will anyone have the courage
To wage war on your shield of indifference?

Gravity will have its way
Wait for the fork in the road
Track Name: To Follow
I ask you to realize what you are doing
I ask you to realize what you're doing to yourself
Feel around and try to find the greater importance

Slowly being awoken to what is truly happening here

I will regain focus
Find the greater importance
Lest you fall
Do I allow myself to follow?

I pull away from this constant indecision
Both sides untrue
I stray from my system of thought
To tell myself it has not changed
Track Name: What We Hold Dear
Exploding into the very thing I have dreaded
To the point where I can no longer maintain control

The ever-changing rhythm of what we hold dear
Beats around our minds 'til we're bleeding in the brain
Sure, self-sacrifice is a given in this case
But how many bouts until we call game?

Discretion is escaping me now
I'm flat on my face and I cannot see the water
I've slowly been climbing down, but now I've lost my grip
And I plunge

Self-sacrifice is a given in this case
But how many more bouts can I take?

Exploding into the very thing I have dreaded
To the point where I can no longer maintain control
Do I have what it takes to keep up with what surrounds me?
Stoical, I must be, to ensure that we don't lose it

All these days I've spent unknowing
That the past is bound to repeat itself
All these hours I've spent cogitating
If this keeps up, this stoical face will fail

You have died
Hours pass, you're alive, and I can't believe my eyes
Discretion escapes me now, my vision is blurred beyond reason
I can't do this any longer and now I am
Exploding into the very thing we have dreaded

A masterpiece
A caucophony
A masterpiece
Swallowing the dissonance that this will bear
Track Name: Discrepancies
Is time dwindling away?
Or have we yet to begin?
The time has come for me
To be pulled away

The dead can only wait
But I will not return
And I can only wait
Objective in this space

Cleanse my thoughts
Restore a sense of rationality

Forget What was; forget what could have been
The discrepancies between the reality and the dream
I've finally caught myself
Denial will no longer reign

Now that I can see myself
I know what this can be
I look at where I've come from
And I'm leaving it behind

Discrepancies will haunt me

I will not be sent to where I was
It's time to swallow my notion of unthinkable

The dead can only wait
But I will not return
And I can only wait
Objective in this space
Track Name: The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life
Why has this come to an end?
How is it that this has come to be?
This mental freedom's being taken from me
As what I had just escaped crashes back down

It's always worse when you've just woken up
When you touch ground, i doubt you will like what you see

Leave me here
I cannot stand to watch the clock
The seconds going slower and faster all the same
Now that I'm back on my feet, I can't help but sit down
Since we can only save one, who will it be?

The secret intensity of everyday life is catching up with me

As much as I'd hate to thank you
It's not because I think you're wrong
And who's to say you'd want to hear it anyway?

Leave me here
I cannot stand to be surrounded
By all the ones who passed through my mind
And though it was a short time
It decided what will become of this

Now we must think, and we will choose
It's time to act, and we will emote
"How fast we grow" is what they say
But we will be the judge of that

And though we may never speak again
And though I might be sorry for what I did
And while I was there for your dying day
If we do speak again, it's no love, no hate